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The Best Plunger Dog Paw Cleaner – Dexas Mudbuster

It’s the beginning of March, but here in Pennsylvania winter is still upon us. Between the snow and the mud, my dogs always seem to be dirty and they hate baths. This is especially true for one of my dogs who I swear has to be half gopher. I originally bought the Dexas Mudbuster last spring and I absolutely love this thing; I can honestly say that I believe the Dexas Mudbuster is the best plunger dog paw cleaner on the market.

After seeing advertisements for the Dexas Mudbuster on Facebook and reading all the favorable reviews on, I figured it was worth giving it a shot. One of my dogs loves digging and playing with rocks. It’s really hard to describe and some time I may take a video because it’s really funny and quirky.

Anyway, the grass in our yard is pretty thin so when it rains or the snow melts the whole thing gets muddy. So my “normal” dogs get their paws muddy and my digger dog (the fluffy white dog pictured throughout this post) gets her paws covered in mud.

So yea, back to seeing the Mudbuster ads. I figured it only costs $20 and with all the 5 star reviews it was worth trying. Boy, am I glad I did!

Not Just for Mud

The great thing about the Dexas Mudbuster is that it’s not just for mud. Yes, it works great for mud and I’ve used it to clean muddy paws more times than I can count. The thing is, it’s an easy way to clean anything off of your dog’s paws including road salt or ice melt. This is the other great use for the Mudbuster in my opinion.

You see, ice melt is primarily made from sodium chloride or calcium chloride which are both toxic to dogs. If it’s not cleaned off of your dog’s paws, it can cause chemical burns and will dry out their skin which can lead to painful cracks. Also, if it’s left on your dog’s paws and he licks it (which he probably will) road salt or ice melt can make him sick. Plus, salt will get tracked all through your house and no one wants to clean up an extra mess that can easily be avoided.

As you can see, it’s important to wash your dog’s feet each and every time you walk him in the winter if you live in any area that salts their roads or sidewalks.

On a related note, I also love using this as a quick way to get rid of snowballs from my furry girls feet. If your dog has long hair on their paws, you know what I’m talking about. When they go out in wet snow, it sticks to their paws and keeps getting bigger and bigger until they have snow all tangled up between their toes and stuck all around their paws. The only quick and painless way to get it off is to use water to melt the snow.

What Makes the Mudbuster Shine?

I told you that I think the Dexas Mudbuster is the best dog paw cleaner in the market, and now I’ll explain why. It’s simple really, the Mudbuster is made of quality materials which results in a sturdy product that will last for years. It basically consists of a cup with a silicone sheet that has soft finger like protrusions sticking out from it topped off with a ring that screws on to keep the silicone sheet in the cup.

Since there is only 3 pieces to this design, it’s super easy to take apart, clean, and put back together. This is especially important when cleaning dirty dog paws because you want to clean it after each use. If it’s a pain to clean, you won’t want to use it, not matter how helpful this tool can be.

I also love that the silicone sheet is held in a circular shape by two tabs which means it pops apart and turns into a flat silicone sheet really easily which also aids in easy clean up.

How do you use the Mudbuster?

It’s super easy! First you grab your Mudbuster and add some water. You need enough to clean your dog’s paw but not too much or the water will come out of the top when you put your dog’s paw in and twist it around. Make sure the water isn’t too hot so you don’t burn your dog’s feet. It’s especially important when using it in the winter. Did you ever go sledding as a kid and come inside all frozen and then try to wash your hands or take a bath? The water feels much hotter than it is because you’re so cold. It’s the same idea here. Your dog was just outside walking on the snow and ice so their feet are really cold.

Also, grab a towel or paper towels to dry your dog’s feet after you wash them or you’ll have wet paw prints all over your house. I prefer using an old towel (we call them dog towels in my house) or a cheap microfiber towel as they’re easy to replace and I don’t care if they get ruined.

OK, now you need some dirty doggie paws. My dogs are all small (under 10 pounds) and I’ve tried using the Mudbuster while holding my dogs as well as having them stand on the floor and just raising one paw at a time. For me and my dogs, I found that holding them works better; though it takes a little finesse to not get yourself muddy in the process. I’m sure if you are using the Mudbuster with a medium or large size dog, it would work better having them stand as I can’t imagine trying to hold them up and use it at the same time.

Back to the dirty paws, all you have to do to clean them is insert one paw at a time into the Mudbuster and gently twist a few times. Pull your dog’s paw out of the Mudbuster and dry with the towel. Now just repeat on the other 3 paws. That’s it, now you have clean doggie paws!

I love how soft the Mudbuster’s finger like protrusions are since they help remove mud and debris from even my super furry dog’s paws and legs without tangling her fur or hurting her. This was especially important to me since my super furry girl is my master digger (I joke that she’s at least half gopher) and I use the Mudbuster the most on her.

Clean up is a breeze. Just dump out the water – I prefer flushing it down the toilet rather than the sink just because the water gets really dirty and I almost always have dishes in the sink. Who wants doggie mud on their dishes, gross! So for me, the toilet is just easier.

Next, just unscrew the ring around the top and slide out the silicone mat. Pull the tabs apart so the silicone mat lays flat and rinse everything. At this point, you can either lay the pieces flat to dry or dry them with a towel. I prefer to just let it air dry and then reassemble it before walking or taking my dogs outside next.

Mudbuster Details

The Mudbuster comes in 3 sizes to accommodate pretty much any size dog. It also comes in 3 colors: blue, pink, and green.

  • The small size is for toy or small dogs with paws 2″ or less. The plunger cup measures 4.3″ tall and 3.65″ wide. The small size costs $14.99.
  • The medium size is for medium size dogs with paws up to 2.5″ wide. This plunger cup measures 6″ tall and 4″ wide. It costs $19.99.
  • Lastly, the large size is for large and extra large size dogs with paws up to 3.5″ wide. The large cup measures 8.85″ tall and 4.75″ wide. It costs $24.97.

You can buy the Dexas Mudbuster from or, they are priced the same on both sites so it just comes down to user preference. is my favorite place to buy my dogs’ food and treats and they offer free shipping on orders $50 and over.

I’m addicted to and love my Prime membership. If you also have an Amazon Prime membership, you can get the Dexas Mudbuster shipped for free with 2 day shipping. If not, that’s OK too since they also offer fast, free shipping on orders of $25 and over.

Click to buy at

At the time of writing this post, is out of stock on some of the colors for each size; so if that is important to you and is out of the size/color combination you want be sure to check with

So, take your pick because both or are awesome!

Should you Buy the Dexas Mudbuster?

If you have a dog then yes, you can’t go wrong with buying a Dexas Mudbuster! I’ve had mine since last spring and I’ve used it so many times already. That’s basically, every time I take my dogs out to potty if it’s wet at all, which is a lot since we live in Pennsylvania. I bought it for my “gopher dog” but it’s come in handy for all my dogs and it’s one of my favorite purchases.

Have you tried the Dexas Mudbuster? Feel free to tell me what you think of it or ask any questions in the comments below.


  • Wei

    soooo adorable! I have a small dog and she loves go to outside. But every time I’m left with a dilemma. Her paws are filthy but I just washed her yesterday. This product would be a god send for me and my girlfriend. I’ll definitely check it out.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Missy

      Yes this thing is such a time saver. Before I got one, I used to try to wash my dog’s paws in the sink and it always made a huge mess. I hope it helps you guys too!


  • Brian

    This is the very first time I have seen this thing, I think it is helpful for those who have dogs, and I want to get one too! Thank you for your sharing.

  • Derek Marshall

    Hi there,

    I am glad I have come across this article as I had no idea this product existed – quite an ingenious invention. Certainly going to come handy as my little one is begging for a little dog. One question springing to mind is how long do these mud plungers last?

    Derek from WA returning comment.

    • Missy

      Hi Derek!
      I don’t see my Mudbuster breaking anytime soon. The cup and ring around the top are heavy duty plastic; and even with using it multiple times per day some days, the silicone insert isn’t showing any signs of wear. I hope that helps!

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